Youth Extremism Series

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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Youth Extremism Series

This series of briefing papers series on youth extremism investigates the relationship between citizen security and food security, with the intent to inform agriculture educators and youth development specialists in countries affected by violence. 
InnovATE is investigating gaps in the understanding of how citizen security and food security are interrelated, particularly in regards to the youth bulge and the growing phenomenon of youth violence. While street gangs and violent extremist organizations are not the same thing, there are many similarities. USAID commissioned a publication, “Street Gangs and Violent Extremist Organizations: Learning across Fields,” (Dininio, P. & Werbel J., 2016, August) to identify cross-disciplinary lessons for programming to address gang violence and violent extremism. As both kinds of violence affect agriculture, education and youth development, InnovATE believes a cross-sectoral approach is important.  

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 1: Understanding Youth Extremism

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 2: Understanding Youth Engagement

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 3: Fostering the Well-being of Youth to Prevent Extremism

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 4: Involving Youth in Community Research

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 5: Fostering Empathy in Youth through Participatory Research and Evaluation

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 6: Resources Related to Youth Extremism and Prevention

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 7: The Role of Agricultural Development in Deterring Youth Extremism

Youth Extremism Series, Paper 8: Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship