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OneRelief is a smartphone application collecting micro-donations for humanitarian relief aid. OneRelief allows smartphone users to do good with the tap of a finger.

In the first hours after a disaster has struck, OneRelief launches a fundraiser (crowdfunding campaign) and invites users to make a small donation ($1-$5). Donations are forwarded to emergency response funds and support certified humanitarian NGOs on the ground.

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The OneRelief initiative is fully supported by the Global Humanitarian Lab (GHL). As of Novemer 2017 we are:

  • developing our MVP (first running deployable mobile application)
  • engaging with partners and exploring new partnerships (
  • expanding our support and follower base
  • applying for innovation funding

We are engaging with a range of humanitarian agencies (OCHA, ICRC), as well as research partners (Centre4Innovation) identifying the best possible emergency response fund to feed collection donations into.


How does your innovation work?

In the first hours after a disaster has struck, OneRelief launches a crowdfunding campaign and invites users through push notification and on social media to make a small donation ($1-$5) via the OneRelief app.

Donations are forwarded to existing emergency response funds and support certified humanitarian NGOs and UN agencies in the affected areas.

OneRelief app users receive public recognition for their donation on social media showing their honorable donation to friends and colleagues.

The social recognition post on social media creates further awareness about a certain disaster and invites others to join the humanitarian relief fundraiser. 

Next Steps

OneRelief is currently exploring partnership possibilities with the ICRC and other humanitarian agencies. Interested agencies are invited to get in touch with us.