Initial Impressions of the Exchange

Posted by Alexis Bonnell on April 28, 2015 at 9:13am

Share your thoughts and insights! The Exchange is a living site and the BETA verison is all about how it can get better! 
As a member of the BETA, share your feedback and let us know what the Exchange does well, how it can be better, and ideas about future functionality.


Thumbs up!!!!!


Hi Alexis! I am testing this discussion thread so I can provide better feedback.

Hi Kelly! Can't wait to hear your feedback

Where do the big top down efforts meet with the small, local efforts of the people? Seeking case studies.


no feed back i want an answer

The Exchange appears to be a very in-depth approach to connecting people. It will take some time for me to explore and understand the full potential. Congratulations on taking on a massive project!

A couple of comments:
1. Re. Profile setup, please move the password issue to the top, and make sure we realize that it must be done. It is buried about halfway through some intensive questions, and I lost my input a couple of times.

2. I don't see a way to search for a specific person or organization. The results I get do not seem all-inclusive. For example, I know that "Peace Corps" is a listed organization, but when I try to find it in order to Follow, it is not presented as an option.


Nowadays education become only business .we are not teaching our kids education but we making them rebot.I have some creative strategy that will change educational system especially in Pakistan. Anybody can contact me on my email

Hi All,

I'm Syahril Nizal from Jakarta Indonesia
Just joining this group of conversations

Thanks To Grace Kim

My Background is from Oil & Gas Industry, Upstream business.
Currently, following Paris Agreement related to Eco-Clean Energy

I'm working with my best friend, Indonesian Ph.D From Canada to build up an Integrated Farming ( Livestock - Farming & Green House - Bio Energy ) in Central of Java, Pekalongan City, Indonesia..

We, here, have entered The ASEAN Economic Community, beginning of 2016, and i believe the conditions of market would be in 10 countries of South East Asia.

This Integrated concept has been discussed technically with friends of mine in here for area of 5 hectares with cool weather conditions.

I'm still make planning in the business plan,
But FYI, we will use Seeds Clonning techiniques and deal with Governments in our regions, for sure we will have 3 kind of revenues from this integrated

It would be appreciated, if i can start communicating for further funding from you and discuss it more details in further partnership.

Many Opportunities in Indonesia during this free trade.

I am from Papua New Guinea in the South Pacific. Very excited to join this platform.

I am currently focusing on producing and supplying of Organic Speciality Coffee which are grown in the highly fertile soil in the Highlands region of PNG mostly by rural base small coffee growers. Our rural people grow some of the worlds best coffee but the challenges are also very high. No road linkages and poor rural road conditions causing this very key agriculture sector where all most the entire livelihood of rural people depends on is now fast declining.

Through our organization, Eastern Outback Coffee Cooperative we now focusing on collectively bring all the small growers together so this this organization can be like a vehicle to drive changes in the coffee sector pulling resources together addressing challenges and fostering better solutions so that our small unfortunate rural people who are living in the enclaves of continuous poverty can break out and experience change.

We believe coffee has the greatest potential to make greater impact in the rural people . Now we looking for any organizations, groups or even individuals who have experience and wider knowledge in the coffee sector so that we can establish link and connect with each other to help our rural people.

We have been used by many middle men and this organization is focused to grow our own coffee ,process it and send it direct to international overseas markets.

Please if there is anyone in this platform who have experience in the coffee sector or even if you know of organizations or individuals who also involve in coffee trade you can keep in touch with me.

Thank you

Ovex Jamaika